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Epic is one of the most popular healthcare automation softwares in existence, but comes with many challenges. Navigating the complexity of Epic’s offerings is a large undertaking, and InTegrum’s Epic consultants have the experience needed for a transition to effortless Epic management.

Integrum is a leader in all aspects of Epic Software. Leverage our Epic Consulting team to support your project.

EHR technology at Epic Systems goes beyond the standard general hospital infrastructure to include a variety of products designed specifically to meet the needs of various healthcare specialities. 

Epic modules are individual components of the integrated software platform, each having a specialized function. For example, the aptly-named “Stork” module has workflows and UI specific to obstetrics. The “Beaker” module is specific to hospital lab functions. Our Epic consultants work alongside your team and have extensive experience supporting the following activities.

InTegrum has Epic software consultants to improve your EHR System

InTegrum offers specialized Epic consulting resources for the following Epic Software modules:

InTegrum provides incredible value to our clients through a tried and true consultant network.

Over 4,500 vetted, nationwide consultants in network

US-based resources in the industry and field of each client

Over 25 years of elite experience in the industry

Specialized and focused Epic experience


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