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Why InTegrum

Figure out why hundreds of ERP and EHR software users trust InTegrum for their optimization and consulting needs.



InTegrum was founded on the premise of building something great. This means your business gets the technology results you need without sacrificing too much time or budget. InTegrum works with organizations focused on growing their business through ERP and EHR software by providing them with the best talent possible. Engaging in a relationship with InTegrum, you’ll be partnering with an organization focused on a collaborative, efficient, and effective approach.

Why Partner With Us?

Our Proven Process

Throughout our years of working with ERP and EHR softwares, and with organizations having trouble, we’ve developed a bulletproof process for success in each engagement. Whether recruiting the best of the best talent or helping our partners achieve more with their software, our team knows what it takes to see success.

Speed to Market

Due to our proven and diligent onboarding process for consultants, InTegrum ability to mobilize within hours of first discussions with a client is virtually unmatched. We pride ourselves in being ready when our clients call with a proactive approach to our consultant network, and will even commit to filling roles within DAYS, not weeks.

Consultant Quality

Each of our clients have a unique need, and having an on-hand network of individuals able to solve each of our client’s complex problems or goals is paramount. Our due diligence and vetting process for consultants ensures we’re only providing the best of the best to meet your project needs.

Unique Situations

Whether it’s an organizational challenge or a unique addition to a software, our consultants ability to solve complex problems allows the experience to stand out. We’ve assembled an “A” list of consultants with robust experience across all different challenges, and can ensure you will come out with the best solution.

Hear from our clients why they chose InTegrum

Our Process Has Been Tested and Proven to Be effective for all of our clients.

The InTegrum recruiters have built and continually expand an inventory of specialized consultants targeting enterprise applications and healthcare technologies. This proactive approach allows us to quickly match the requirements you have with consultants that we vetted for the skills and experience to meet your project needs. We are committed to filling your roles in DAYS versus weeks or months.

Defining Your Needs

We designed a process that allows us to gain a detailed understanding for the exact type of resource needed to ensure a successful outcome to your project.

Matching to our Talent Pool

We utilize a layered approach designed around the skills, experience, and technologies we support. This enables us to match a qualified resource quickly and efficiently to your specific needs.

Assembling the “A” List of Talent

From that pool, we speak directly to dozens of consultants in our network and compile a short list of perfectly qualified specialists suited to support each unique client need.

Facilitating the Best Fit

Once we present our list, we counsel each client through the selection process and streamline the deployment of the consultant of your choosing. This ensures a perfect culture fit based on the need.

Ensure your Workday project is set for success.

Whether it’s an immediate need or scoping a future project, our Workday experts are here to provide a seamless and unique client experience.