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InTegrum Resources provides an expansive network of specialized consultants with a focus on Workday and Oracle technologies, driving positive business impacts with our partnerships.

Supporting enterprise technology this important deserves experienced resources. InTegrum Resources has curated an expansive network of specialized consultants with the technical and functional experience to ensure your systems run efficiently. Let our qualified IT consultants support your staff augmentation needs.


Working with InTegrum Resources offers incredible value in the strategy, implementation, and optimization of an ERP or EHR system. We've outlined the business values of working with us here at InTegrum.

Subject-Matter Expertise

Every project is unique so one size will never fit. We take a bespoke approach to matching our subject matter experts to your specific needs.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Any enterprise technology project (ERP/EHR) is expensive. Investing time in pre-planning and early-stage implementation is critical to mitigating the long-term expenses. Knowing upfront where you are going keeps you from getting lost along the way.

Fast Onboarding and Ramp-Up

Your project isn’t stopping for anyone. We are committed to filling your immediate needs in DAYS versus weeks or months.

Fractional and Ongoing Relationships

Our consulting relationships match the needs and wants of each client. No long-term commitment and no up-front retainers. You pay for the resources you need when you need them.


We’re passionate about helping our clients achieve success with technology implementations. Hear what they have to say about our expertise.

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