InTegrum Advisory Services

Over 50% of ERP Projects Exceed Time and Budget Targets.

InTegrum’s Advisory Services guide our clients through product selection and implementation strategies tailored to address their specific business needs. By leveraging our expertise, we streamline the process, saving you both time and money, and ensuring you derive maximum value from your investment.

We've helped hundreds of companies implement Workday in the most streamlined, optimized, and future-focused ways.

As an independent advisory partner, InTegrum adopts a third-party approach to gain a deep understanding of our client’s unique business needs. We act in their best interests at every turn to deliver tailored solutions that catalyze success.

InTegrum Advisory Services

Common ERP Implementation Challenges

Every implementation project starts with Phase 0, during which clients internally evaluate technology options and select a product and implementation strategy that aligns with their unique business needs. Our expert consultants rapidly connect with your current business processes, future goals, timeline, and budget to drive a successful implementation.  

Facts and figures

  • More than 50% of ERP projects exceed time and budget constraints
  • An estimated 2/3 of ERP transformations end up with a negative ROI
  • Roughly 3/4 of companies are dissatisfied with their ERP solutions after they are implemented
  • Despite this bleak prognosis, companies are still expected to spend almost $100B this year for ERP software and services

Objectives & Scope

Document capabilities and limitations of the current technology

Detail requirements of new technology

Identify technology/application platforms and SKU's that improve business efficiency


Assign ownership between functional teams (IT, HR, Finance, PMO)

Define specific roles, persons and ownership

Manpower and resource planning or heatmapping

Cost Justification

Justify and allocate budget for licensing, implementation and support

Where will the budget come from? CapEx vs OpEx


How you're going to get this done. Transitioning from one system to another means business process redesign and data cleaning + migration from one system to another.Vendor

Vendor & Partner Selection

Migrating ERP systems means more than internal team. Finding the right vendor, external partners (Like InTegrum) and any other additional resources necessary for a successful implementation.

Unique Expertise + Best Practices

Typically, internal teams lack the product knowledge, configuration and best practices to successfully execute. An outside firm is recommended to fill this informational and strategic gap.

Choose The Best Partner in your Workday Project Scoping

InTegrum Advisory Services

Experienced Value you can trust

Our team at InTegrum has built a vetted consultant network with thousands of hours of implementation experience. We know the challenges each industry and team faces when scoping a new ERP software, and our proven Advisory practice helps customers navigate difficult and complex decisions that will impact their technology performance, adoption, and future ROI.

InTegrum's Advisory Practice Value-Add

Our Expertise

We deploy the right resource manager who has years of experience solving implementation challenges similar to the ones you are facing. With specific Workday product knowledge, experience in multiple project methodologies and as the liaison between all involved parties, our consultants will ensure this is the best ERP implementation you’ve ever experienced.

Platform Scoping
Project/Change Management
Functional Track Leads
Project Support

Ensure your Workday project is set for success.

Whether it’s an immediate need or scoping a future project, our Workday experts are here to provide a seamless and unique client experience.