Epic Modules Supporting Healthcare Settings

Epic Modules Supporting Care across Healthcare Settings

The EHR company provides an array of Epic modules specifically designed for providers across the care continuum beyond its industry-leading Epic EHR technology.

By Kate Monica

Epic Systems offers one of the top-ranked EHR systems in the country as well as a range of products and services to help providers in various specialties deliver quality patient care and meet federal reporting requirements.

Not only do larger hospitals across the country rely on Epic EHR technology, but following the recent unveiling of additional, more affordable product packages, smaller hospitals are also likely to benefit from the EHR company’s products.

EHR technology at Epic Systems goes beyond standard general hospital infrastructure to include a variety of products designed specifically to meet the needs of various healthcare specialties.

The following is a list of major Epic modules presently on the market:

ASAP ER Module

ASAP ER specializes in emergency room visit management. Primarily, the module possesses the functionalities to track room and bed occupation status for nurses.

EpicCare Ambulatory

EpicCare Ambulatory, one of the top ten ambulatory EHRs in the country, specializes in outpatient primary care. The module is used for documenting visits, placing orders, sending prescriptions, and viewing and communicating test results.

Epic Beacon Oncology

Beacon Oncology specializes in facilitating chemotherapy treatment. Framed as serious visit types as opposed to inpatient or outpatient visit types, these treatment plans are engineered to encompass a longer period of time.

Epic Beaker

Beaker specializes in hospital lab orders through an HL7 Interface.  Beaker software enables workflows for clinical pathology labs and anatomic pathology labs.

Epic Bridges

Bridges enables providers to install, configure, and maintain clinical interfaces to fit other systems to aid in interoperability. The module includes templates for HL7 and other standards to support transfers and interactions in fixed or non-standard data formats.

Epic Cadence

Cadence is designed to facilitate scheduling for outpatient and specialty clinics. Hospital administrative staff can use Cadence to book appointments and check arriving patients into the system.

Epic Caboodle (Cogito Data Warehouse)

Caboodle comprises the data warehouse and analytics tools for storing and retrieving large swaths of clinical data useful in reporting for care decision-making, cost management, and predictive analytics. Additionally, Caboodle data warehouses can integrate data from non-Epic systems.

Epic Cupid

Cupid is designed to serve cardiology practices with tools specifically tailored to facilitate cardiology-related clinical processes with functionalities including the ability to integrate external EKG devices and readings into patient electronic health records.

EpicCare Everywhere

EpicCare Everywhere is the tool that allows Epic to share patient EHRs with other healthcare providers across the country, providing the basis for Epic health data exchange.

EpicCare Home Health

Home Health serves visiting caregivers in documenting patient care remotely. The Epic software allows caregivers to document patient information regardless of internet connection, then upload the information into main Epic servers upon returning to their healthcare organization’s facility.

EpicCare Inpatient

EpicCare Inpatient is similar to EpicCare Ambulatory, except clinical tasks are done in the hospital on admitted patients.

Epic Haiku

Haiku is an Android and Apple application that allows doctors to access a condensed version of EpicCare Ambulatory, allowing users access to clinician schedules, hospital patient lists, and test results.

Epic Healthy Planet

A population health management system, Healthy Planet is designed to help providers receive value-based reimbursement for positive outcomes among patients, offering providers a suite of reports, dashboards, and clinical workflow tools to allow care managers to monitor patient populations.

Epic Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope specializes in ophthalmology and allows ophthalmologists and optometrists to perform eye exams, document procedures, and write prescriptions.

EpicCare Link

EpicCare Link offers hospitals and other healthcare organizations using Epic systems to communicate with physicians using a different EHR through a web-based portal providing limited EHR viewing in a read-only format.

Epic MyChart

MyChart is a patient portal allowing patients to view test results, physician visits, orders, and medications. Patients can also use MyChart to schedule future appointments and submit medical questions. MyChart comes with accompanying mobile apps and in the future will likely enable physician-patient video chats.

MyChart Bedside

This off-shoot of MyChart provides online tools for patients already admitted into the hospital to track progress toward discharge.

Epic OpTime

OpTime serves as an operating room management system and specializes in providing features streamlining inpatient and outpatient day surgery for providers.

Epic Prelude (ADT Patient Registration)

Prelude enables Epic users to track patient status — including admission, discharge, and transfer status — as well as hospital registration and insurance functions.

Epic Radiant

Radiant is Epic’s radiology information system (RIS) and offers documentation, film tracking, and image viewing for radiology departments. Radiant users also have access to patient results, allergies, medications, medical histories, and upcoming appointments.

Reporting Workbench

Reporting Workbench offers an application-side reporting solution allowing IT analysts to create and manage reports on data from various parts of the Epic system. Referred to as “operational reports”, users work with templates to aggregate data on patient lists, orders, appointments, and diagnoses.

Epic Rover

Rover is a mobility solution that allows inpatient nursing staff to review and document tasks and conduct barcode validation at the point of care using mobile devices.

Epic Stork

Stork is obstetrics software designed to manage pregnancies through automated functions and workflows during labor, delivery, and the outpatient phase of pregnancy.

Epic Welcome Kiosk

Welcome Kiosk provides an easy way for patients to check appointments, make payments, sign documents, and print receipts.



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