Explaining the Different Epic Modules

epic modules

What is Epic Software?

Epic Systems is a company that provides software solutions to help healthcare organizations manage patient care. Their software helps organizations meet compliance requirements and improve efficiency. Epic offers a variety of software modules for different healthcare specialties, including emergency room, ambulatory care, oncology, and psychiatry. The software is designed to integrate with other Epic modules and features a data warehouse for reporting. Epic also offers patient portals, allowing patients to manage their healthcare online.

Epic offers a wide range of modules that can be used in various departments throughout a healthcare organization. Some of the most common modules include:

  • EpicCare Ambulatory: This module is used to manage outpatient care. It includes features such as scheduling appointments, documenting patient visits, and billing.
  • Epic Beaker: This module is used to execute laboratory workflows seamlessly across acute, outpatient, and outreach labs, all within a single system. Epic Beaker ensures direct connectivity between lab staff and the entire care team.
  • Epic Cadence: This module is used in revenue cycle management. It helps hospitals track and collect payments from patients and insurance companies.
  • Beacon: is used to facilitate a patient’s oncology treatment with standardized protocols for chemotherapy and monitoring tools for radiation therapy. Beacon allows medical professionals to submit staging data to national registries to ensure comprehensive tracking of each patient’s journey.
  • Cupid: This module allows healthcare professionals to efficiently schedule and oversee exams, route results, and manage charging processes seamlessly. Cupid establishes direct integration with other systems such as your cardiology PACS for enhanced connectivity.
  • Kaleidoscope: This module is used for ophthalmology and includes customizable exam templates, seamless integration with diagnostic testing equipment, advanced eye imaging solutions, and tailored surgical workflows.  
  • Stork: This module is used to simplify pregnancy and birth documentation for clarity and ease. Healthcare providers can conveniently organize and review the entire course of care for both mother and newborn.
  • ASAP: This module is used to facilitate efficient documentation in busy ED and urgent care settings by simplifying the process of documentation. ASAP provides rapid access to comprehensive patient information alongside real-time decision support for streamlined care delivery.
  • Phoenix:  This module centralizes transplant clinical operations, research, and registry reporting within a unified hub. Phoenix grants access to a holistic perspective of the transplant process and enhances care delivery for optimal outcomes.
  • OpTime: Boost surgeon efficiency, OR utilization, and data accessibility with scheduling tools and comprehensive pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative documentation, orders, and follow-up procedures.
  • Radiant: This integrated system provides automated appointment scheduling, comprehensive follow-up monitoring, and in-depth reporting, ensuring seamless communication between radiologists and the entire healthcare team.
  • Wisdom: Capture oral health information, strategize treatments, and oversee preventive care. Seamlessly integrate with the health record to enhance dental healthcare delivery.
  • Lumens: This module utilizes specialized documentation and tools designed for gastroenterology and bronchoscopy, as well as tailored content for endoscopic specialties. 

These are just a few of the many Epic modules that are available. Epic offers a comprehensive suite of software solutions that can help healthcare organizations improve patient care, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Epic modules are a powerful tool that can help healthcare organizations improve patient care, reduce costs, and improve efficiency. If you are an organization considering implementing Epic or looking to make better use of your Epic Software, InTegrum can help. Our Epic Consultants can help you navigate the selection process, implementation, and ongoing optimization of your Epic system. With a deep understanding of Epic and extensive experience in the healthcare industry, we can help you maximize the value of your investment in Epic.

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