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INtegrum takes on Workday AMS

Workday ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) has become an integral tool for modern businesses. Its capabilities allow businesses to streamline processes, enhance data management, and boost productivity. Its significance in simplifying complex operations cannot be overstated. However, harnessing its full potential and using it efficiently is often easier said than done. With its plethora of features and functionalities, mastering Workday requires a strategic approach, a comprehensive understanding of its capabilities, and continuous adaptation to ever-evolving business needs. That is why many companies turn to a Workday consulting company to help bring guidance and create a roadmap for success. But, even then struggles emerge. This article uncovers the frequently encountered challenges companies face when working with Workday consultants, while shedding light on how InTegrum Resources eliminates these struggles with our proven processes.

Common Struggles By Phase


  • Difficulty designing a relevant business process and mapping the Workday Software to fit the specific needs of the client.
  • Poor communication when it comes to articulating exactly what SKUs are being implemented.
  • Having to rely too heavily on the system integrator because of a lack of communication and consistent guidance.

Implementation Support

  • Internal teams being stretched too thin between day-to-day work and implementation work (depleted employee bandwidth).
  • Testing & data conversion plan is usually an issue, not transparent about it and deadlines are not met.
  • Someone to be the voice of the client in the face of the partner’s prerogatives.

Post-Deployment Optimization

  • Optimization of system once live – many system integrators leave once Workday is implemented.
  • Lack of documentation and knowledge transfer from implementation partner. 
  • Reporting is usually lacking.
  • Processes are being optimized but not in a way where the client gets to learn alongside the system integrator. This will ultimately lead to future issues because the client doesn’t fully understand the Workday Software.

Eliminating these issues the InTegrum way

InTegrum Resources provides Workday Consultants who assist around the clock.

We have created a proven process that guides our clients through every phase of Workday. This process allows us to hold your hand through creating a Workday strategy to ongoing support down the road. We strive to create a partnership with our clients, so we can alleviate their struggles through action, but more importantly teaching. Keep reading to see how our consulting process works.

Phase 0 or Pre-Deployment

InTegrum not only assists clients in product and vendor selection but also concurrently crafts a well-founded Workday strategy, streamlines business processes, and initiates knowledge transfer to guarantee a seamless and successful Workday implementation. 

Implementation Support- Client Side Advocacy

A Workday implementation can quickly turn into a liability when your internal team lacks the necessary product knowledge and expertise. However, with our independent client-side resources (Workday consultants), that gap is effectively bridged to ensure seamless alignment of the new software with your future business goals. Through rigorous vetting, our highly skilled consultants possess an in-depth understanding of the Workday software and boast extensive expertise in business processes. They adeptly serve as intermediaries between your internal team and the implementation partner, guaranteeing an on-time and on-budget deployment that is poised for success.

Phase 2- Post Deployment Optimization

After deployment, a valuable opportunity arises for optimization and the incorporation of additional functionality. Frequently, clients come equipped with a list of goals that must be accomplished within specified time constraints. InTegrum’s scalable approach empowers swift enhancements to your technology system, allowing your internal team to concentrate on their daily responsibilities while entrusting the tech aspect to our capable hands.

Ongoing Support

InTegrum goes above and beyond to infuse a personal touch into what is traditionally perceived as a nameless service. We offer a lead client-facing contact who spearheads the process, complemented by a team of resources boasting diverse skills and expertise. Rest assured that your lead contact is dedicated to swiftly resolving any issues and optimizing your technology experience, making your InTegrum Resources journey seamless and rewarding.

How to work with our Workday Consultants?

Are you currently in the process of implementing Workday and looking for support? Are you interested in implementing Workday, but not sure how to build out an effective process? No matter, what phase you are in, InTegrum Resources has a solution for you. As an industry leading Workday consulting firm, we do are best to quickly provide you with a Workday Consultant who will increase the success you have with Workday, while removing stress and confusion. We would love to partner with you for your Workday needs.

“If you completed a Workday Launch implementation without the benefit of an effective implementation partner, you need to contact InTegrum Resources.”

-Workday Consulting Client

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