Workday in Healthcare: How InTegrum Workday Consultants Can Help

InTegrum Resources Workday Consultants in Healthcare

Workday is a popular choice for healthcare organizations because it offers a number of benefits, including:

  • A unified view of people and data: Workday provides a single platform for managing all of your HR, financial, and supply chain data. This gives you a unified view of your workforce and operations, which can help you make better decisions.
  • Streamlined workflows: Workday automates many manual HR and financial processes, which can free up your staff to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Real-time insights: Workday provides real-time insights into your performance, so you can identify and address problems early on.
  • Flexibility and scalability: Workday is a cloud-based system, so it is easy to deploy and scale to meet your changing needs.

How Workday can help healthcare organizations achieve their business goals

Workday can help healthcare organizations achieve their business goals in a number of ways, including:

  • Improved workforce management: Workday can help healthcare organizations improve workforce management by providing them with tools to manage their clinician schedules, track their performance, and collaborate with colleagues.
  • Reduced supply chain costs: Workday can help healthcare organizations reduce supply chain costs by providing them with visibility into their inventory levels and spending patterns.
  • Increased financial transparency: Workday can help healthcare organizations increase financial transparency by providing them with real-time insights into their financial performance.

InTegrum Resources Success: The Impact of Workday Consultants 

Below is testimonial from one of our healthcare clients. This is a great example of the impact InTegrum Resources can have on your business.

“If you completed a Workday Launch implementation without the benefit of an effective implementation partner, you need to contact Integrum Resources. 

When we went live on Workday, we had over 120 different processing problems that were the direct result of faulty configuration. Those issues spanned the Workday “silos” of Absence, Talent, Payroll, Compensation, Security, Benefits, Business Processes, Report writing and Dashboard development.  We also had the need for assistance remediating numerous, very complex integrations.

Integrum Resources, through Aaron and Sean, helped us identify specific skills that we needed to fix our processing problems.  With their help, we were able to find resources whose skills spanned the entirety of a process: ex: from a PTO request to decrementing balances to Payroll Processing to GL posting. More importantly, their resources not only had experience building/testing/migrating to production the fixes, but they all had practical experience executing these fixes in Workday.  They weren’t just technical people; they were also practitioners.  Our Payroll resource said, “Many Workday consultants know how to configure a payroll tenant.  But most don’t know how to run payroll.”  But our resource had actually run payroll in Workday.  And that was huge for us.

Integrum found us Workday Consultants within hours of our initial discussion. They scheduled interviews with the resources so that we could interview them to ask them how they would remediate our specific issues. They listened to me when I told them that I didn’t want someone who was “capable” of solving our problems; I wanted someone who had already fixed the problem in Workday for multiple other clients.  This process gave us high confidence that the resources they found had “been there and done that.”  

The results we got from these resources have been excellent. Issues that had plagued us for months after go live were resolved in the matter of days. Because of the volume of issues we had, we utilized those resource for many weeks which allowed them to get very familiar with our configuration.  I have every expectation of requesting these same resources should similar needs arise in the future. Should we implement additional modules within Workday, my first call will be to Integrum Resources. I have confidence that they will find me the right resources to have on the front end of a project.”

–HR Manager at Owensboro Health

How InTegrum’s Workday consultants can help

We are a leading provider of Workday consulting services. Our team of experienced Workday consultants can help you with every aspect of the Workday Software, Our process spans across 4 phases, from pre-deployment to ongoing support.

Phase 0 or Pre-Deployment

InTegrum not only assists clients in product and vendor selection but also concurrently crafts a well-founded Workday strategy, streamlines business processes, and initiates knowledge transfer to guarantee a seamless and successful Workday implementation. 

Implementation Support- Client Side Advocacy

A Workday implementation can quickly turn into a liability when your internal team lacks the necessary product knowledge and expertise. However, with our independent client-side resources (Workday consultants), that gap is effectively bridged to ensure seamless alignment of the new software with your future business goals. Through rigorous vetting, our highly skilled consultants possess an in-depth understanding of the Workday software and boast extensive expertise in business processes. They adeptly serve as intermediaries between your internal team and the implementation partner, guaranteeing an on-time and on-budget deployment that is poised for success.

Phase 2- Post Deployment Optimization

After deployment, a valuable opportunity arises for optimization and the incorporation of additional functionality. Frequently, clients come equipped with a list of goals that must be accomplished within specified time constraints. InTegrum’s scalable approach empowers swift enhancements to your technology system, allowing your internal team to concentrate on their daily responsibilities while entrusting the tech aspect to our capable hands.

Ongoing Support

InTegrum goes above and beyond to infuse a personal touch into what is traditionally perceived as a nameless service. We offer a lead client-facing contact who spearheads the process, complemented by a team of resources boasting diverse skills and expertise. Rest assured that your lead contact is dedicated to swiftly resolving any issues and optimizing your technology experience, making your InTegrum Resources journey seamless and rewarding.

If you are interested in learning more about how InTegrum Resources can help support and optimize your Workday software to achieve your business goals, contact us today!

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