How To Make Your Workday Implementation Go Smoother

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Undergoing Workday is a large voyage for any organization, especially for the captain who charting the course. We’ve spoken to some previous Workday Implementers to hear their best advice on ensuring and safe and sound journey.

Revisit HR Processes

The goal of Workday is to make running your organization as smooth as possible. The data storage, dashboards, and analytics give you a user friendly and sharable way of seeing exactly what is going on. However, Workday is not a silver bullet that will solve all your problems. Often times, the best way to get your organization running smoothly is to simplify and re-define your processes, especially in the Human Resources department. That, in addition to Workday, will keep you smooth sailing.

Start Data Cleansing and Migration

Similar to revisiting HR Processes, sometimes your biggest enemy is your own organization’s existing way of doing things. Failing to properly cleanse data, and eliminate bad data, is a top reason for why implementations are delayed or certain features break. This can, and should, be done early on in the implementation, if not before. It’s never too late to start now.

You’re Better Off With Too Many Resources Than Too Few

When you’re setting sail, you know it’s not all going to be smooth sailing. There will be harsh waves and storms along the way (you just better hope you don’t encounter a hurricane). Because of this, you bring experienced sailors with you who have navigated through rough water and know where they’re headed.

Implementing Workday is no exception. The path is laden with obstacles and headaches, so you best bring the most experienced resources to help you on your voyage. You won’t get fired for bringing on the best sailors; you’ll get fired for getting lost at sea or sinking.

If you’re currently navigating the open seas and looking for experienced Workday Resources, InTegrum Resources provides them, and you can contact us here.

Workday Adoption Must Be Deliberate

Although you’re spending the bulk of your time dedicated to configuring Workday, most employees are not. It’s an afterthought, and only really crosses their mind when the go-live date is approaching. As the project leader, you also need to ensure that everyone adopts Workday, and adds it to their work processes. Communicate with other team leaders and department heads to show HOW Workday will make their lives easier and create value, and ask them to create steps to migrate over to the platform. You can instruct their employees on how to use Workday, but make sure that both the other executives as well as their staff understand how Workday will simplify their work lives.

Best of luck with your Workday Implementation. We hope you have smooth sailing on the open seas, but incase you don’t, feel free to contact us here.

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