Presenting InTegrum AMS

INtegrum takes on Workday AMS

Tired of the reactive, “help-desk” approach to Workday support? InTegrum Resources, a Workday consulting firm and Referral Partner, understands your frustration. Introducing InTegrum AMS: an elevated post-production support model designed to empower your team and optimize your Workday investment.

Beyond the Traditional Ticket Trap

Our AMS team moves beyond simply resolving tickets. Our team of senior-level architects and cost-effective SMEs combines deep technical expertise with a keen understanding of your business needs. We don’t just fix issues; we collaborate with your team to:

  • Prioritize and distribute tickets effectively, ensuring critical issues are addressed promptly.
  • Transfer knowledge through dedicated sessions and comprehensive documentation, paving the way for self-sufficiency.
  • Develop transition roadmaps, enabling your team to gradually take ownership of your Workday environment.
  • Offer flexible pricing models (time & materials) to suit your budget and specific needs.

InTegrum AMS provides you with:

  • Client-facing architects and engagement leads: Your dedicated points of contact who understand your unique challenges and goals.
  • Speed and accessibility: Prompt responses and a commitment to resolving issues efficiently.
  • Talent on-demand: Access to hard-to-find skillsets, ensuring you have the expertise you need when you need it.
  • Improved system uptime and performance: Ensure your Workday environment runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Reduced reliance on external support: Empower your team with the knowledge and skills to manage Workday effectively.
  • Increased return on your Workday investment: Maximize the value you derive from your Workday platform.

Ready to Elevate Your Workday Experience?

Contact InTegrum Resources to learn more about InTegrum AMS and how it can transform your post-production support model. InTegrum AMS is not just about fixing problems; it’s about empowering your team and unlocking the full potential of your Workday investment.

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