InTegrum Resources: The Newest 2-time Member of SIA’s “Best Staffing Company to Work For” List

A Budding Team Filling a Big Industry Void.

InTegrum Resources is a company founded with one purpose: to support it’s partners looking for an easier path through the world of enterprise technology Implementations and projects. As an organization based on trust and professionalism, the opportunity to be recognized as an award recipient of the Staffing Industry Analysts ‘Best Staffing Company to Work For’ is something that truly shows to the world what InTegrum does, why they do it and who is responsible for the success of the brand- it’s people.


Since it’s inception, InTegrum Resources has become one of the leading providers of Enterprise technology and Electronic Health Record resources in the industry. With a focus on Workday & Oracle on the ERP side and Epic and Cerner on the EHR side, InTegrum’s focus is on the systems and technologies most critical to the success of it’s customers. The brand’s founders, Peter Begley and Anthony Martell, have built a base of excellent talent that all work together with one thing in common- excelling at client experience and crushing expectations. To this day, if you pull either of these leaders aside, they will tell you that InTegrum is where it is today because of each and every team member.


We decided to get together with some of InTegrum’s team members to understand why they believe InTegrum Resources is one of the top staffing organizations to work for. Through these interviews, it is apparent that the team’s experience supersedes those of many in the industry.


As we all know, winning something like the SIA award means more than just a PR opportunity. The accolades in this industry show InTegrum’s team, consultants and clients that what they are doing is building momentum and personal growth for all parties involved.


One thing that is obviously apparent: this business runs like an entrepreneurial venture, and each team member at InTegrum has that entrepreneurial spirit. Tony and Peter have fostered an environment that allows the team to flourish in their own ways, based on their individual skill sets. Alexandra Tamborello, one of InTegrum’s Workday and Epic Resource leads, described her position in the brand as an “entrepreneur within the business”. When asked about what this meant for her, Alex told us, “I’ve taken a few different roles since my first day at InTegrum. The leadership team here has built a culture that allows us to truly harness what we’re good at, and build a role in which we

can be successful. For me, I’ve been able to grow into a role where I basically manage my own branch of the business, which would be unheard of at another organization like InTegrum”.


“The team and individual experience, from day 1, has been the driver to success as an organization. We know that when we bring talent in, they come with their own professional and personal experiences. Our job is to allow them to attain their goals and show them opportunities to achieve success”, says Tony Martell, COO of InTegrum. Tony knows that the best businesses are run, led and managed by the team on the front lines, with the experience that will give the business the upper hand in each client and consultant interaction.


Sean Higgins was one of the first team members at InTegrum. At previous employers, Sean had been pushing to grow into a leadership role, and wasn’t able to see the opportunity come to light. On day 1 with InTegrum, Sean sat down with Peter Begley, CEO of InTegrum, and was clear with his goals. “I expressed that I wanted to push into a leadership role, and right there on the spot, day 1, Peter gave that to me”, said Sean. “He trusted me to evolve into the role and gave me the immediate opportunity for personal and professional growth.” When asked what sort of trust that leadership places in the team’s hands, Sean’s response was that “we’re the front lines of the business. We’re talking with clients, customers and partners about the industry, their needs and how things are materializing. Tony and Peter really trust us to use our market insights to run the business and give the best client experience.”


The client experience for InTegrum is a fundamental part of the team’s day to day operations. Aaron Double, Director of Client Services, spoke about how the team and culture at InTegrum flows directly into the experience of the clients they work with. “Look, this is a relationship industry. If we’re going to see success, it will be a direct reflection of the people within the business and how they carry themselves. We don’t have any egos, rather investments from each of us into the success of InTegrum and our client’s projects. Nothing here is transactional, either. We’ve built a culture of trust and understanding with our clients- it goes beyond the project. We want to make sure each and every client has the best experience possible, and I believe that ideal stems from our team itself.” Aaron went on to say that they will go the extra mile at all times, even if it means 24-hour turnaround phone calls or faster, to ensure a client gets what they need.


“We can’t really attribute this award to anything other than our incredible people”, says Peter Begley. “Tony and I have built a foundation from our past industry experience, but where we are today is because of each and every one of our team members and incredible consultants. This is only the beginning of our growth, and we’re incredibly proud of those that have dedicated their careers to such an impactful business”.


InTegrum Resources continues to grow and scale from successful client, consultant and team relationships. The business has grown, clearly, to become one of the best staffing companies to work for. If there is any interest in joining the team and InTegrum’s mission of providing top-notch client experience and personal growth for all, please reach out to .