Cybersecurity / Business Continuity

Cyber-criminals never stop, and the approach to their craft is ever-evolving. The only way to protect your vital business from the threats of modern cyber-criminals is to join forces with subject matter experts who are just as skilled, savvy and experienced.

 Our roster of premier consultants have proven victories in the areas of:

    • Cybersecurity Defense
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Business Continuity and Downtime Planning


A Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis are two key components to developing a sound Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity plan. Both involve assessing disruptive events and use the results to strengthen a disaster recovery strategy.
Risk Analysis:
Our premier consultants perform a no-cost analysis, seeking to identify potential risks that can adversely affect the organization and lead to costly down-time.  This assessment identifies risks in a wide variety of areas, including cybersecurity, telecommunications failures and geopolitical incidents, customized to your operation and location.
Business Impact Analysis:
The next step – this analysis seeks to determine how the disruption of key business processes will affect the business, specifically. Our goal is to determine the criticality of business activities to ensure operational resilience, as well as business and operations continuity during and after a disruption.

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