Why Work With InTegrum?



We Are Building Something Great.

InTegrum Resources was founded on that simple foundation of building something great. We work every day to build upon a thriving culture based on value-creation for our clients, consultants, and most importantly, our InTegrum team.

The approach with our clients is simple; gain an intimate understanding of their project needs and challenges, then seamlessly align them with seasoned consultants to solve their problems and achieve project goals.

With consultants our aim is to work with the best, developing a lasting relationship and providing rewarding opportunities to expand experience and skills.

The InTegrum team is our cornerstone. A passionate group of individuals that are provided every opportunity to grow personally and professionally. A collaborative approach and entrepreneurial spirit drives a culture of mutual benefit across our entire organization.

Mission Statement

Solving problems while positively impacting the organizations and individuals we partner with.

InTegrum set out to build a valued organization that empowers it’s people to achieve individual success. In turn, the organizations we partner with will share in this success. Having lived through the challenges and costs that an ERP or EHR integration drives the InTegrum team to provide resources that solve probelms. People are the cornerstone of any organization and the InTegrum team is among the strongest.

Our Consultant Inventory Ensures On-Demand Talent Nationwide.

The InTegrum recruiters have built and continually expand an inventory of specialized consultants targeting Enterprise Applications and Healthcare Technologies. This proactive approach allows us to quickly match the requirements you have with consultants that we vetted for the skills and experience to meet your project needs. We are committed to filling your roles in DAYS versus weeks or months.

The Process is Simple and Efficient:


InTegrum’s Commitment To Giving Back

A significant part of building something great is giving back. At InTegrum Resources we are committed to supporting organizations that mean the world to us. This is a responsibility that we take seriously and strive to contribute through volunteerism, raising funds, awareness programs and a true personal commitment.