The client experience.

Our process begins with our specialization in the healthcare vertical to develop domain expertise and leverage customers success in the industry by selling multiple lines-of-business to the same customers and servicing an existing talent shortage in an expanding market.

We leverage a proven talent recruiting methodology consisting of a proactive recruiting model with an emphasis on building long-term candidate relationships, creating a consultant “community” for knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer collaboration with consistent communication between the internal representative and the talent population, and developing a proven business development methodology consisting of a talent-driven leads and market intelligence model. This model identifies high probability prospective clients with existing demand for talent and services, phone-based pre-sales function to qualify and prioritize new customer acquisition targets, and subject-matter experts who cultivate qualified relationships through deal close and client development.


We utilize a metrics driven management methodology to maximize employee effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Call metrics and conversion rates
  • Weekly KPIs
    • Client Conversations
    • Lead Reconciliation calls
    • Qualified Contact additions
    • Opportunity pipeline additions
  • Consultant per customer concentration
  • Tied to compensation

We create a marketing and branding campaign designed to create brand recognition and drive inbound internal, talent and customer traffic.

  • Effective use of social media
  • Partner with local business journals
  • Sponsorship of local networking groups

We believe in excellence in leadership.

  • Adherence to core values
  • Continuously augment leadership skills throughout the organization leveraging outside training, networking and tools

We instill proprietary processes.

  • Employee process
    • Talent Acquisition
    • On-boarding
    • Mentorship
    • Metrics-based performance management
    • Ongoing training and Development
    • Career Path and escalation criteria
  • Client process
    • Target client company profile
    • Target manager profile
      • Prospecting phase
      • Qualifying phase
      • Advancing phase
      • Customer phase
  • Consultant Process
    • Prospecting phase
    • Qualifying phase
    • Advancing phase
    • Assignment phase
  • Opportunity (Job) process
    • Intake and Qualification
    • Prioritization and assignment
    • Internal submittals
    • Client submittals
    • Interviews
    • Placements